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The Black Delegation has been trading people all year and sending and rescinding cookout invites! It's been a busy year for Black delegates. The Official Blackest Weekend Ever has further classified The Black Delegation to encompass all of our Blackness as we have self-identified. It's a celebration ya'll and these are created in that spirit. 
P.S.: These delegations are for play play! (ya'll remember "play play").

Super Melanated Delegation

Host: The Black Ferris
Pretty self explanatory.

HBCU  Delegation

Host: Earl Fant Jr
Attended St. Augustine; Graduated Elizabeth City State University; Now lives in Atlanta and reps Morehouse and Clark-Atlanta depending on the day

Woke AF  Delegation

Host: Maarifa Ukweli
His name is woke we need to say more?!? No we don't.

the diaspora

Host: Ifeanyi Ibeto (DJ Kato)
This Nigerian born in America serves his international community well! He will represent The Diaspora by hosting the official afterparty on Saturday AfroPop!

The Delegation formerly Known as Creatives

Host: Ali Steele

Council of elders

Host: Ms. Vivian Stuart
We must honor our elders for their wisdom, support, and the work that they have done so we can be out here just being our Black selves. 

Blerdy Delegation

Host: Deandra Salvador
She is the founder of Renewable Energy Transition Initiative and talks about how to...forget all that...she is the one in school you want to cheat off of. Period.

Church Folk  Delegation

Host: Rev. Donna Fant
We don't know if they will be able to make it to any events because youth choir practice is on Friday, Missionary meeting and mass choir practice is on Saturday and of course there is service on Sunday. Well maybe they can just pray for us lol.
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