You Got Questions We Got Answers. Here are your FAQs.......

Question: What is Coming to Wakanda Opening Ceremony?
Answer: Think Coming to America but Blackest Weekend Ever Style.

Question: I don't want to pay $25 for crappy seats.
Answer: There really isn't a bad seat in this theater. The seats are leather and they recline! You also have the option to secure your choice of seat by purchasing the BLACKER or the BLACKEST ticket.

Question: How do I purchase more than one ticket?
Answer: You can now purchase tickets in different quantities. So buy as many as you need to keep your "black card." Buy your tickets today!

Question: Will this be a red carpet event?
Answer: It's The Blackest Weekend Ever. Everythang is BLACK. But we probably won't have any carpets if that's what you are asking.

Question: How do you purchase tickets?
Answer: TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! Visit to get your tickets now!

Question: How can we reserve a seat?
Answer: If you are asking how to buy tickets, they are ARE NOW ON SALE! Visit Get your tickets now! You can purchase the BLACKER or the BLACKEST ticket, if you are asking how to secure a seat of your choice.

Question: Ya'll is this for real?
Answer: Bruh......

Question: Where is the event located?
Answer: The Black Panther Premiere will be at Regal Starlight Cinema. The Blackest Weekend Ever celebrates the premiere of the Black Panther movie and you can look forward to events being held at various locations in Charlotte. Our intent is to celebrate our people, culture, and history. Like our page Mosaic Live and keep checking back here for the complete line-up.

Question: How will we know if/when tickets are sold out? I’m shocked they aren’t already

The ticket quantities are automatically updated when they are purchased. Please visit to purchase your tickets or the tickets tab on the website.

Question: Is the event appropriate for teenagers?!

The movie is PG-13 and the activities at the movie theater will be appropriate for teenagers to attend.

Question: If the 1 theater(screen) sells out, is it possible to get another 1 to play at the same time?

It is possible to get another screen however we just need to sell out of this one firstl.